The New Position

A New Position

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A New Position – Rambo suddenly missed the atmosphere of being together with Sarah and Shakira, which he had been leaving for the past few months. Understandably as a Director in a publishing company that is growing rapidly, a lot of time is consumed to complete the work that is piling up in the office.

Today Rambo wants to go home from work early, he plans to pick up Shakira together with Sarah his wife.

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All the important work that must be completed immediately, Rambo has finished, while for other jobs Rambo has ordered his secretary Jenifer to take notes.
“Jenifer, today I will go home early, please the work and important new contracts, you record and give me tomorrow”. Rambo gave the task to Jenifer.
“Yes sir, I’ll do it” replied Jenifer.

Rambo immediately rushed home to pick up Sarah, then along Sarah pick up Shakira at her school.
Soon after Rambo is already up at home, it turns out that Sarah was waiting outside, without wasting any time, cars are directly geared to Shakira’s school.

On the way to Shakira’s school, Sarah delivered a proposal to Rambo.

“Rambo, what if after picking up Shakira, we go directly to our restaurant for dinner, we haven’t had dinner together for a long time.”
“A good proposal and this is in accordance with my plan,” replied Rambo intently.

Arriving at Shakira’s school, waiting not for a while for Shakira to come out of her school, Shakira ran excitedly to see Rambo her father coming along to pick him up.

“Daddy, while running, Shakira reaches out to hug her hand”

“Shakira, we don’t go home but we go to our restaurant for dinner” Sarah immediately conveyed their plans.
“Yeah” Shakira screamed
“Mom, Miss Emily said that later on the weekend she would take all the students in my class to a trip to the zoo,” Shakira told her mother.
“It will definitely please Shakira” Rambo replied.

At the restaurant, they order all their favorite foods, from Lobster to fried tempeh. They enjoyed dinner while joking, laughing out loud, things they hadn’t done for a long time.

The New Position

The weekend that awaited Shakira arrived, Rambo and Sarah drove Shakira to the zoo. After arriving at the zoo and handed Shakira to Miss Emily, they both immediately went home.

In the car on the way home, Sarah suddenly offered another suggestion.

“Rambo, this weekend Shakira went with Miss Emily and her friends, because we were alone in our house without anything disturbing, what if later when we got home we tried a new Position”

“You are indeed the understanding wife Sarah, we do need to try a new position so as not to get bored with a position that always the same” replied Rambo ecstatically, imagining a romance that will heat with style and a new position.

When he arrived at the home, Rambo immediately removed his pants and clothes to stay wearing underwear, he immediately approached Sarah and whispered: “Sarah, what new position do you want?”

“I want to try lying down on the couch while watching TV,” Sarah replied affectionately.

“Good, it will be exciting, what should I do?” Rambo asked fiercely

“My dear Rambo, you just need to clean the house, wash clothes and prepare meals for both of us, this is the new position I meant, you replaced me, and I replaced you at the weekend this is what I mean by a new position” Sarah answered and pushed Rambo away.

There are no spoken words from Rambo….

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