Terrifying Prayer 3

Terrifying Prayer 3

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Terrifying Prayer (Part 3) – While dinner with Sarah and Shakira, Sarah’s Hand Phone suddenly rang.

“Mother,” says Sarah raised her Hand Phone.
Sound fuss from Hand Phone. Sarah suddenly collapsed near the dining table. That night they got word when her mother who was also grandmother Shakira has just died of a respiratory disorder.

It turns out that call, not Sarah’s mother, but Debbie a neighbor who lived beside Sarah’s Mother House.
Immediately Rambo realized. This time Rambo feels Shakira’s prayer is a signal, not just a routine prayer of a sleepy little child near bedtime.

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Rambo is increasingly curious but in the end, Rambo believes that Shakira is an indigo child who can see future events including “Death”
But this is still a secret, Rambo deliberately did not tell about Shakira’s prayer regarding the death of Sarah’s father and mother, because it would only add to Sarah’s worries.

A few months after the death of Sarah’s mother, one night Rambo took a nap and when he was about to cover her, Shakira suddenly said the same prayer, “Dear God, please Mama, give health to Mama, God, forgive all the sins and mistakes Papa and Receive Papa in Your Heaven. Amiin”

Terrifying Prayer 3

Now Rambo really panics and thinks, “Oh My God, I will die tomorrow!”
The next day Rambo falls apart all day and doesn’t concentrate on work, he wonders if he really will experience an accident and dies.

Rambo keeps looking at the clock, looking around and thinks the angel of death will be coming soon. Rambo was very frantic and didn’t dare leave the office until midnight because he was worried that there might be an accident on the road so Rambo chose to go home after 12 o’clock at night, remembering that after 12 the road was deserted.

After passing twelve o’clock in the night, Rambo was relieved. “It appears that the prayers of Shakira did not happen and I fear excessive proved too,” said Rambo.
Rambo immediately returns home. Once the home of Rambo immediately looking for Sarah which was apparently sitting in the living room with a sad face.

Sarah asked Rambo, “where have you been, Rambo? How come at this time you just returned home? It is also hard to call”.

Rambo replies, “sorry, dear, last matters offices, my Handphone off. So what is it, anyway? ”
“Afternoon last Mr. William suddenly died!” Sarah said sadly

And war ensued.

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