A New Position – Rambo suddenly missed the atmosphere of being together with Sarah and Shakira, which he had been leaving for the past few months. Understandably as a Director in a publishing company that is growing rapidly, a lot of time is consumed to complete the work that is piling up in the office.Today Rambo wants to go home from work early, he plans to pick up Shakira together with Sarah his wife.

Terrifying Prayer (Part 3) – While dinner with Sarah and Shakira, Sarah’s Hand Phone suddenly rang.”Mother,” says Sarah raised her Hand Phone.Sound fuss from Hand Phone. Sarah suddenly collapsed near the dining table. That night they got word when her mother who was also grandmother Shakira has just died of a respiratory disorder.It turns out that call, not Sarah’s mother, but Debbie a neighbor who lived beside Sarah’s Mother House.Immediately Rambo realized. This time Rambo feels Shakira’s prayer is a signal, not just a routine prayer of a sleepy little child near bedtime.