Terrifying Prayer Part 2

Terrifying Prayer 2

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Terrifying Prayer (Part 2) – After the death of his father-in-law Rambo became curious, he asked about the prayer of Shakira that night.
“Shakira, do you remember before Grandpa died before going to bed what kind of praying did you say?” Asked Rambo softly.

“I remember, I always prayed for Papa, Mama, Grandma to always be happy and healthy, and for those who died, I always prayed that God would forgive all sins and mistakes and receive in Heaven,” Shakira answered while playing doll.

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“Well, right the time Grandpa is still alive has not yet died, why did you pray that night God would forgive all the sins and Grandfather’s mistakes and pray that Grandfather would go to Heaven” Rambo was increasingly curious.

“Papa, that night Grandfather came to see Shakira, he said he wanted to leave this world” Shakira answered without seeing Rambo because he was still busy playing with dolls.
“O God, Shakira my daughter turned out to be an Indigo” Rambo hissed.

Days passed, Shakira is still being a cute little kid, smart and fun, even if in the House of Shakira more loved playing aloof in her bedroom.
As usual also, Rambo every night accompanying Shakira pray before covered him and kiss the brow Shakira and turn off the lights.

Terrifying Prayer Part 2

That night as usual before going to bed Shakira prayed, “Oh God, please Papa and Mama, give them health, God Forgive all the sins and mistakes of Grandma and Accept my grandmother in Your Heaven. Amin”.

Rambo jerks, he surprised and worried the same prayer recalled that he heard before his Father-in-law died a few months ago. Rambo immediately wanted to debrief Shakira what the intention was, but Shakira has been slumbering instantly.

In the room, Rambo can’t close his eyes. He is worried about Shakira’s prayer. Maybe this is the same prayer before Grandpa died.

Rambo’s hair stood up, but he didn’t dare tell anything to Sarah, worried that his wife who believed mystical things would immediately be hysterical. Rambo chose to harbor his own anxiety and hoped it was only a small child’s prayer that did not imply anything. Rambo finally falls asleep.

The next day at the office, every time Rambo looked at the Phone screen, he was worried that Sarah would suddenly call. Until late afternoon and finally returned home, Rambo was relieved that what he feared did not happen.

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