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Terrifying Prayer

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Terrifying Prayer – After his marriage to Sarah for 10 more years, Rambo has a daughter who is smart, funny and awesome. Daughter Rambo is named Shakira, the name of which means Thankful.

For Rambo, the presence of Shakira became the complement to his happiness in a household. The struggle to obtain a descendant for quite a long time, Rambo and Sarah did, after 5 years of marriage, they were blessed with a beautiful, intelligent, funny and amazing princess, she was Shakira.

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Shakira little girl who is now 5 years old grows up to be a princess who was smart, funny, and energetic. After Shakira born father-in-law, Rambo becomes much more fondly on Rambo.

They often traveled to meet and play with Shakira, adoringly Grandparent on Shakira it’s understandable because Shakira was their first grandchild.

Like her mother’s habit, this little girl Shakira is also diligent in praying before going to bed. Every night, Shakira prays for her father, mother, grandfather and, grandmother by naming them one by one in each of her prayers.

Rambo usually listens patiently to Shakira praying before covering her and turning off the lights.
On one night before going to bed, Rambo accompanied Shakira before going to bed, then Rambo clearly heard Shakira praying “Oh my God, please Papa, Mama and, grandma. Forgive all the sins and mistakes of Grandfather and Accept Grandfather in YOUR Heaven. Amin … “Shakira’s prayer that night.

Rambo’s shocked and amazed to hear the prayers of Shakira but hasn’t gotten around to asking about that prayer because Shakira instantly falls asleep soundly.

The next day at a board meeting in his office, Rambo got a call from Sarah at home.
“Rambo, hurry home, my father … My father died. Just now my mother gave me the word he had a heart attack, “Sarah said on the phone sobbing.

Terrifying Prayer Part

Rambo was very shocked, because even though he was old and somewhat senile, his father-in-law was never sick, nor had he had a record of heart disease.

On the way home while driving, Rambo suddenly remembered Shakira’s prayer last night. Immediately, Rambo’s hair stood up. Is this because of Shakira’s spontaneous prayer? How is that possible, Shakira is just a child who has only been in kindergarten school for two months, not knowing many things, Rambo thinks hard, is this a coincidence? But he said there are no coincidences in this world. Or is Shakirah an Indigo child who can know an event that will happen?.

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