Terrifying Prayer (Part 2) – After the death of his father-in-law Rambo became curious, he asked about the prayer of Shakira that night.”Shakira, do you remember before Grandpa died before going to bed what kind of praying did you say?” Asked Rambo softly.”I remember, I always prayed for Papa, Mama, Grandma to always be happy and healthy, and for those who died, I always prayed that God would forgive all sins and mistakes and receive in Heaven,” Shakira answered while playing doll.

Terrifying Prayer – After his marriage to Sarah for 10 more years, Rambo has a daughter who is smart, funny and awesome. Daughter Rambo is named Shakira, the name of which means Thankful.For Rambo, the presence of Shakira became the complement to his happiness in a household. The struggle to obtain a descendant for quite a long time, Rambo and Sarah did, after 5 years of marriage, they were blessed with a beautiful, intelligent, funny and amazing princess, she was Shakira.