A Dark Night

A Dark Night

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A Dark Night – Since taking office as a Director of a company publishing, Rambo’s growing workload. Almost every night he always comes home late.

Sarah as a good wife can accept this situation, but when after a week Rambo always comes home late, Sarah feels felt lonely, because almost every night Sarah was at home only with Shakira her daughter.

Sarah then had the idea to ask her mother to stay in their house for a while to drive away loneliness

“Mom, how are you?” Asked Sarah to open a conversation

‘I’m Fine Sarah, what is it?” Replied his mother

“Mom, in the past few days Rambo has always come home late at night because the work is piling up, what if Mom temporarily lives in our house to accompany me and Shakira?” Sarah made a request

“No problem Sarah, when does your mother have to stay in your house?”

“If possible, start tonight Mom” Sarah answered

“Well, this afternoon I will go to your city and stay at your house starting tonight.

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As tireless, Rambo worked very hard every day to achieve the company’s targets, he set off at 7 am and usually just got home at midnight.

Rambo’s habit of always coming home late is then starting to disrupt the rhythm of sexual relations between Sarah and Rambo. Both of them began to make love rarely. When Rambo arrived home, Sarah must have fallen asleep.

Rambo’s aware of it. That night he was planning to go home early in order to satisfy his sexual desires between him and Sarah which they had not done for a long time.

A Dark Night

Rambo, who usually gets home at midnight, will deliberately surprise Sarah. He came home at nine o’clock. Rambo hopes that Sarah’s wife is still awake and they can make love, but when he arrived at the house Rambo was disappointed, the house lights and room lights turned out to be turned off, Sarah must have fallen asleep though, Rambo.

But because of his sexual desires have already peaked, making Rambo could not control the situation. He is not concerned with the condition of Sarah already asleep slumbering. In the dark, Rambo began to gently stroke Sari’s hair, fingering her breasts.

Rambo hopes the caresses he gave can make Sarah up and passionate. But Sarah still slumbering in her sleep.

Seeing his wife didn’t wake up, Rambo then began to realize his mistake.
“Sarah is already asleep, maybe tired of cleaning up the house and taking care of Shakira, I must not selfishly impose my desires,” Rambo muttered.

Rambo immediately stopped his touches, he got up and then immediately went to the kitchen to make coffee.

Arriving in the kitchen, Rambo was startled and shouted in surprise with a very loud voice to see Sarah was heating dinner for him.

“Don’t scream loudly, Rambo, you can wake my mother. She is sleeping in our room”.

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