Only For the Pain, Not For the Dead

Only For the “Pain”, Not For the “Dead”

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Only For the “Pain”, Not For the “Dead” – It’s been a year this Rambo suffered from Diabetes, even though the sugar levels are now at 190 mg/dL is much lower than for the first time in diagnosing Diabetes sugar levels at that time reached 400 mg/dL.

Rambo is a painful thing although the sugar levels already in the Normal range but its impact very harming. Rambo suffered Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a condition when the male genitalia (penis) is not capable of an erection or difficult to hold onto the position of erection.

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Rambo was still eager to become a real man, a variety of treatments for the revived “the bird”, as did, Some examination also has lived starting from a urine test, blood test, ultrasonography (ultrasound), and/or electrocardiogram (ECG). Dozens and dozens of Medications and supplements have also been taken by Rambo but until then this result is still nil.

One day in the morning, Rambo sat in front of the television watching an unusual program. Accompanied by three cups of his favorite bitter black coffee and a plate of fried banana. His imagination wandered, he began to smile himself.

Only For the Pain, Not For the Dead

That day was not, as usual, there was a television show that made Rambo so excited, a Pastor was live at a healing event.
“Fathers and mothers also viewers, God Almighty, God Almighty, God most everything, nothing is impossible for God, last we saw together, God has healed the blind girl is being able to look back through my hands also, last you see yourself, how lame that youth with the power of God is now able to walk, then do not hesitate to be the power of God, do not hesitate will miracle of God”.

Rambo is getting excited a Pastor on television that invites to interact not only with people who happen to be present directly at the show, but also the viewers who were watching the event through television.

“Come on, ladies and gentlemen who are watching this program, stick one hand to your television monitor, then touch the part of your body that is sick with the other hand, let’s prove the power of God, I help from here, believe in the power of God, right now”.

Rambo soon covering positions closer to the place of television, with trembling Rambo’s right hand touched the television monitor screen, while Rambo’s left hand was inserted into his pants, reaching into his bird that had wrinkled like the skin on his body.

Sarah suddenly appeared and walked toward Rambo, stroking Rambo’s hair, Sarah said
“Honey … that treatment is to cure the sick, not to bring to life the dead”
Rambo is disappointed and shocked … soon he pulls his left hand out of his pants.

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