A Dark Night – Since taking office as a Director of a company publishing, Rambo’s growing workload. Almost every night he always comes home late.Sarah as a good wife can accept this situation, but when after a week Rambo always comes home late, Sarah feels felt lonely, because almost every night Sarah was at home only with Shakira her daughter.Sarah then had the idea to ask her mother to stay in their house for a while to drive away loneliness

Only For the “Pain”, Not For the “Dead” – It’s been a year this Rambo suffered from Diabetes, even though the sugar levels are now at 190 mg/dL is much lower than for the first time in diagnosing Diabetes sugar levels at that time reached 400 mg/dL.Rambo is a painful thing although the sugar levels already in the Normal range but its impact very harming. Rambo suffered Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a condition when the male genitalia (penis) is not capable of an erection or difficult to hold onto the position of erection.