Precious Time

Precious Time

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Precious Time – As usual, Rambo returned from his office to his house at 9 pm, his position as Director in a well-known publishing company made him have to go home late at night every day.

This time when he got home, his daughter Shakira had not slept yet and welcomed him.
“Shakira, you haven’t slept,” said Rambo while kissing Shakira

Usually, Shakira did go to sleep when Rambo came home and woke up when Rambo left for office.
As she trailed his father into the living room, Shakira replied: “I’m waiting for you Dad, to come home, because I want to know how much dad’s salary is?”

“Why do you want to know your Dad’s salary, want to ask for more money?” Rambo asked with a smile.

“No, just curious”

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“Okay, now while learning to count, every day I work around 10 hours and get a salary of $ 500, every month I work 25 days, so how much is my the salary?” try to count.

Shakira ran to take paper and pencil, while Rambo took off his shoes and turned on the television. When Rambo moved to change clothes, Shakira ran to follow him.

If one day Daddy earns money $500 to work for 10 hours, meaning Daddy of paid $50 per hour” says Shakira shows paper the results of the count.
“You are smart Shakira, now wash your feet and go to sleep,” Rambo told Shakira to go to bed soon.

While waiting for Rambo to change clothes, Shakira again asked
“Dad, can I borrow the money $10?”
“Shakira, I told you to sleep, why ask for money at night? Father is tired and wants to take a shower” Rambo snapped.

Shakira turned to his room, after taking a bath Rambo felt sorry for shouting at Shakira, he looked at Shakira in her bedroom.

Shakira, his daughter has not been sleeping and were sobbing cry by holding the money for $40.
Rambo then lay down, stroking Shakira’s hair he said,

“Shakira, forgive your daddy … I love you, why are you asking for money tonight? If you want to buy dolls or toys, you can do tomorrow, not only $ 10, more than that I will give it.

“Dad, I didn’t ask for money but borrowed money, later if my savings were enough, I would return it” Shakira spoke while crying.

“What is the money for?” Rambo asked softly

“I waited for Daddy from 8 pm, I want to play the piano with you. Just one hour”


“Mom always says that dad’s time is very valuable, so I want to buy daddy’s time”.

“I have money from my savings of $ 40, but because you said, one hour you were paid $ 50, then for play with me in one hour I have to pay you $ 50, my money is less that’s why I want to borrow your money Dad” Shakira explained.

Rambo speechless, he hugged Shakira tightly while shedding tears.

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