A Noble Profession

A Noble Profession

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A Noble Profession – On a flight on the plane, an educated young man from Jogjakarta was traveling to Jakarta. Beside him sat a woman who was around 60 years old.

The young man greeted, and soon after they were late in a light conversation.
“Mom, what program is going to Jakarta?” the young man asked
“I want to go to Jakarta, and connecting flight to Singapore visits my second son,” the woman replied.
“Great” the young man was amazed and then paused for a moment.

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The young man was pensive, with curiosity the young man continued his question, “the son of the mother who is in Singapore is the second son, ma’am, what about his brother or sister?”

The woman later said, “My third child is a doctor in Bali, while my fourth child is an architect in Jakarta”.

The young man fell silent, in his heart he said “This woman was great, the second child was in Singapore, while the third child was a doctor in Bali, and his fourth child became an architect in Jakarta.

Then the young man asked another question, “Where is your first child? And what is his profession, ma’am?”.

While taking a deep breath, the woman replied: “My first son became a farmer in the village, he worked on rice fields that were not too wide”.

The young man immediately realized his mistake in asking about the woman’s first child, “Sorry, ma’am, if you become disappointed by explaining your first son”.

A Noble Profession

With a smile, the woman continued her story
“I’m not disappointed with my first son, I was quite proud of him.”
“How am I not proud, my husband died when my first son was still in high school, while his younger siblings were still in junior high school and even the smallest brother was still in elementary school”.

“Since then, the role of my husband and father of my children was taken over by my first son, he stopped going to school because he had to work on fields that were not so wide to support our lives”.

“The sacrifices he made were very big, he paid for education all his younger siblings, and because of his sacrifice all his younger siblings succeeded in education”.

“Now his next young brother lives in Singapore as a diplomat, there is a doctor in Bali and his youngest brother becomes an architect in Jakarta,” the woman said while shedding tears, and unwittingly the young man sitting next to her also shed tears.

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