Precious Time – As usual, Rambo returned from his office to his house at 9 pm, his position as Director in a well-known publishing company made him have to go home late at night every day.This time when he got home, his daughter Shakira had not slept yet and welcomed him.”Shakira, you haven’t slept,” said Rambo while kissing ShakiraUsually, Shakira did go to sleep when Rambo came home and woke up when Rambo left for office.As she trailed his father into the living room, Shakira replied: “I’m waiting for you Dad, to come home, because I want to know how much dad’s salary is?”

A Noble Profession – On a flight on the plane, an educated young man from Jogjakarta was traveling to Jakarta. Beside him sat a woman who was around 60 years old.The young man greeted, and soon after they were late in a light conversation.”Mom, what program is going to Jakarta?” the young man asked”I want to go to Jakarta, and connecting flight to Singapore visits my second son,” the woman replied.”Great” the young man was amazed and then paused for a moment.