The Father’s Happiness Is Grief For Rambo 2

The Father’s Happiness Is Grief for Rambo

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The Father’s Happiness Is Grief for Rambo – That morning Rambo received bad news, his beloved mother died of a heart attack. Immediately after receiving the sad news, Rambo along with his wife Sarah and his daughter Shakira went to his father’s house outside the city to take care of the funeral of his beloved mother.

Arriving at his father’s house, Rambo helped prepare the funeral. There was a feeling of grief on his father’s face. The funeral of a mother’s body will be done in the tomb located not far from Rambo’s father house.

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Rambo’s mother’s funeral was over at 4 pm After the funeral, the large family of Rambo gathered at Rambo’s father’s house. Seeing his father who was still grieving, Rambo became compassionate, as a son, he had to entertain and help his father through this period of grief.

The idea came from Rambo to invite his father to stay with Rambo, maybe with the presence of Sarah and Shakira, he could entertain Rambo’s father. He conveyed this idea to his father

“Daddy, what if dad stayed temporarily at my house so that someone would take care of and accompany you” Rambo conveyed his ideas to his father.

Rambo dad just nodded speechless sign agree with the suggestion of Rambo
The next day due to work, Rambo returned to his hometown along with Shakira and Sarah and Rambo’s father, this is where a new story in the journey of Rambo’s life takes place.

The Father’s Happiness Is Grief For Rambo 2

Bernard, Rambo’s father has been living with Rambo and his family for two months. Bernard though has entered the age of 60s, however, it still looks young, he always keeps up appearances. He diligently exercising so that the shape of his body remained preserved. It increasingly supports his soul which apparently flared again after the departure of his wife.

To seduce women, it turns out that Rambo’s father Bernard is also very expert. It is evidenced by the start there are widows who interested him.

This then made him forget himself. So his daughter-in-law was seduced. The togetherness that is created during the live one House with Sarah slowly indeed gave rise to a feeling which is hard to explain.

Sarah was unexpectedly also having the same feeling, and in the end, there was a forbidden love affair.

One day, Bernard unintentionally seeing Sarah were changing in her bedroom who unwittingly, the door of the room is not closed completely. Pent-up desire for detained finally out already so seeing the beauty of Sarah’s body.

Bernard soon enters and immediately hugged Sarah from behind. Sarah who also keeps feeling indeed resisted, but in the end, she received also a hug from his father-in-law was.
Both of them then kissed each other intently and then took off each other’s clothes.

But unfortunately, that day Rambo turned home early without telling his wife. With the intention of giving a surprise, he entered his residence without knocking on the door first and immediately entered the room.

So, how surprised Rambo was when he saw two people he loved were making out on his bed.
The sudden arrival of the Rambo, of course, make a romance it stalled. Sarah shock mixed with fear. In contrast, Bernard is seen trying to soothe Sarah.

Rambo is disappointed. He wanted to scold his wife and father. But not yet it was done, his father immediately got up and came to Rambo.

Bernard His Daddy patted the shoulders of Rambo.
“Rambo. You don’t get angry like that, “his father said. “You’ve forgotten. It used to be when you were a kid, you always sucking your mom for 2 years, and I’m patient. Now, dad sucking Sarah your wife just 15 minutes you are angry?”.

Rambo ever halt flagging…No War this time

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