Men Are God Creatures That Are Difficult To Understand

Men Are God Creatures That Are Difficult To Understand

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Men Are God Creatures That Are Difficult To Understand – Men always say that women are difficult to understand, difficult to touch his heart. But they are just the same. Hard to understand as well. We’ve tried to please them, they lack appreciation. Do you want proof that men are indeed difficult to understand?.

I give evidence that the man is difficult to understand and this is an example that occurs during holidays, not days when men work

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When Woke up in the morning, I have prepared water in a large glass for my husband because drinking water after waking up is a healthy thing. I put the glass neatly on a table beside the bed, using a glass cover to make it hygienic. Apparently, it didn’t drink. what happened was that my husband went to the kitchen to make coffee.

It is difficult to understand, you can imagine before drinking coffee he had to smooth the coffee beans first with a manual grinder and brew them using the manual brew of the typical french press. Sometimes even use V60 which must prepare the filter paper first. He waited 4 minutes, then poured it into the mug. Then he took a chair to the dining table, coffee while smoking.


This is just one example, how men choose things that are more troublesome than simple things.

After finishing drinking coffee, instead of doing something easy, such as eating my homemade breakfast and talking heart-to-heart about the household or other mild things, he instead invited political discussion. Always updating watching and reading the latest news, keep debating for days on social media until getting angry. If he’s upset, I also finally got its effects.

Well, just getting out of bed there are already two proofs that men are indeed difficult to understand, I will continue.

When it came time to lunch, I had to prepare his favorite dishes fried chicken flour and fried tempeh with vegetables broccoli, know what happened? Instead, he asked permission to go fishing to find fish that he says make a side dish at lunch.

Another thing that made it even more difficult to understand was, he experimented with fishing bait to be used, tried the bait by mixing finely ground meat mixed with raw eggs and then a little cheese and somehow moreover and the location of the worm was quite far about 10 miles from home. Imagine just having a side dish while having lunch is so troublesome!!.

When asked why holidays do not relax at home instead of going fishing, he replied “I am looking for peace of mind” indeed together with me at home does not make his mind peace? Oh My God.

When at home both with me, he plays the guitar as his wife I certainly hope he plays a romantic song to me, but what happened? He always plays songs Jazz … Yes, songs jazz song no lyrics just “babababab … syubidubidu …. ” all the songs. How my head did not become dizzy? Instead of hearts so quiet and romantic, even so, wants to throw a Chair.

First time going out, I remember he ever complains that if his ex-girlfriend invited former Dinner grooming really long. So I was determined to not be like that. Take a shower, change clothes, immediately took off.

Arriving at the restaurant, he glanced at the girls who grooming garish.
Even once a while, when we went out on a date he doesn’t consciously says to me “saying if go was grooming don’t like people wake up exhausted so” …I am confused.

Then when we make love. Given an easy position, he likes a complicated position. Does he think I’m a yoga expert? Or even the floor gymnastics athlete? How can I let out a pleasant expression like in a movie, which is actually grumbling? After making love, I always drink a painkiller, because of the body painful.

After Making Love, instead of hugging me all night until sleeping instead of going to the kitchen to make coffee, there was more troublesome as I said above.

It is proven … Men are indeed creatures that are hard to understand, and what I tell you is proof of the complexity of new men on Sundays, you know, on the other day there will be more.




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