The Father’s Happiness Is Grief for Rambo – That morning Rambo received bad news, his beloved mother died of a heart attack. Immediately after receiving the sad news, Rambo along with his wife Sarah and his daughter Shakira went to his father’s house outside the city to take care of the funeral of his beloved mother.Arriving at his father’s house, Rambo helped prepare the funeral. There was a feeling of grief on his father’s face. The funeral of a mother’s body will be done in the tomb located not far from Rambo’s father house.

Men Are God Creatures That Are Difficult To Understand – Men always say that women are difficult to understand, difficult to touch his heart. But they are just the same. Hard to understand as well. We’ve tried to please them, they lack appreciation. Do you want proof that men are indeed difficult to understand?.I give evidence that the man is difficult to understand and this is an example that occurs during holidays, not days when men work