Happiness Is A Choice

Happiness is a Choice

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Happiness is a Choice – A 90-year-old man although blind but he has a high taste, is always confident, proud of himself, always neatly dressed every day, with white hair that is always neatly arranged.

One day the old man headed to a nursing home, that day his wife whom he loved so much died, and they did not have children, so the old man had to go to a nursing home.

Following a few hours of holding up quietly in the entryway, the elderly person grinned joyfully when an officer revealed to him that his room was prepared.

The officer then invites the old man walking to his room, while describing the condition of the room the old man would occupy.

“I love it!!” said the old man enthusiastically, like a small child who had just received a birthday present from his parents.

“Sir, you have not seen the room how can you say that you love it? ” asked officer nursing home.

“I like the room, it has nothing to do with whether I have seen the room or not,” said the old man.

“Joy is something that we choose from the beginning, regardless of whether I’ll like my room or not, does not rely upon how the furnishings was organized, however from how I mastermind my mind’s” the old man describes wisely.

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“I have decided to like my room, that sort of choice I make each morning when I wake up, to like whatever God has given me today”.

“I have a decision, I can invest my time in bed only to regret the difficulties that have happened to me because there is a part of my body that is not functioning or I can get out of bed and thank you for other parts of my body that can still function”.

Happiness Is A Choice

“Consistently is a blessing, despite the fact that I couldn’t see, yet I’m as yet ready to concentrate on another day, and on all the superb recollections and satisfaction I’ve at any point had.

“Only for this time in my life, old age is like a deposit at a bank, and I will enjoy it from what I have kept so far.

“So my guidance for you is to spare as much satisfaction at our memory bank, and thank the general population who have filled your recollections”.

“Keep in mind these five basic principles to satisfy you”

“What are the rules, sir?” nursing home officials were curious.

“First free your heart from hate, second free your brain from all stresses, third life simply, the fourth gives more and fifth don’t expect too much”.

If you can run the five rules, then you will get happiness.
Remember … happiness is a choice.

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