The Fool’s Intelligence

The Fool’s Intelligence

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The Fool’s Intelligence – One day a businessman was cutting his hair at a barbershop. While cutting his hair, the barber saw a young man running and jumping in front of them.

The barber said, “That’s Rambo, he is the most stupid person that I know in this area”

“How do you know that Rambo is the most stupid person in this area?” the businessman asked.
Then the barber called Rambo, he then took out two bills, one $ 10 and one $ 5, the barber told Rambo to choose.

“Rambo, you can choose and take one of this money, whichever you want, let’s take it!”

Rambo looks at the barber’s hand, where there is $ 10 and $ 5, then quickly moves his hand to take the $ 5 bill, then hurried away leaving a Barber and the businessman.

The barber smiled smugly, with a feeling of pride while continuing to shave, he glanced and said to the businessman “Right, I said earlier, Rambo is indeed the most stupid young man I have ever met”.

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Barber continued his words “it innumerable times I tested like Rambo, he’s always taking money whose value is smaller “.
The businessman also astonished, he agreed with the opinion of Barber’s “Yes, Rambo is indeed stupid choose money with smaller values “. Both then laugh out loud.

A few days later, the businessman accompanied his business partner to lunch at a restaurant located not far from the barber’s place.

At the restaurant, he saw Rambo with a man also having lunch.

The Fool’s Intelligence

The entrepreneur then told his business partner “You know, the young man who is eating and sitting in a corner there is the most stupid young man in this area”

“How did you know that?” his business partner asked.
“Come with me to meet the young man”, invite the businessman to his business partner.
The two of them then stood towards Rambo who was having lunch with his best friend Joe.

“Rambo, do you remember me?” said the businessman to Rambo

Rambo did not answer just smiled while continuing his meal.
The businessman then did what the barber had done at the time to show that Rambo was the stupidest young man in the area.

He took out two bills from his wallet, one $ 50 and one $ 10 sheet, then put it on the table saying “Rambo, you can choose and take one of this money, whichever you want, let’s take it!”.

While continuing to eat the food, Rambo glanced at the table while taking the $ 10 bill.

The businessman smiled, taking his business partner back to their table.
“Right, it’s so stupid that young man,” said the businessman
His business partner laughed while nodding.

Joe, who was having lunch with Rambo, of course, was surprised by Rambo’s choice when he was offered money by the businessman while approaching Rambo, Joe asked

“Rambo, why are you weird when you were offered and told to take money on the table, you chose the $ 10 instead of $ 100?”

Rambo chuckled and replied, “I will never get free money every day if any was offered two pieces of money I choose a larger value”.

“Let them consider me stupid and curious why I did not choose money with greater value, let them tell everyone, the important thing is I get free money and can take you to lunch every day Joe” Rambo continued

The two of them giggled to continue eating.

What foolish intelligence.



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