Happiness is a Choice – A 90-year-old man although blind but he has a high taste, is always confident, proud of himself, always neatly dressed every day, with white hair that is always neatly arranged.One day the old man headed to a nursing home, that day his wife whom he loved so much died, and they did not have children, so the old man had to go to a nursing home.Following a few hours of holding up quietly in the entryway, the elderly person grinned joyfully when an officer revealed to him that his room was prepared.The officer then invites the old man walking to his room, while describing the condition of the room the old man would occupy.”I love it!!” said the old man enthusiastically, like a small child who had just received a birthday present from his parents.

The Fool’s Intelligence – One day a businessman was cutting his hair at a barbershop. While cutting his hair, the barber saw a young man running and jumping in front of them.The barber said, “That’s Rambo, he is the most stupid person that I know in this area”“How do you know that Rambo is the most stupid person in this area?” the businessman asked.Then the barber called Rambo, he then took out two bills, one $ 10 and one $ 5, the barber told Rambo to choose.”Rambo, you can choose and take one of this money, whichever you want, let’s take it!”Rambo looks at the barber’s hand, where there is $ 10 and $ 5, then quickly moves his hand to take the $ 5 bill, then hurried away leaving a Barber and the businessman.