Enjoy the Beauty of Life Part 2

Enjoy the Beauty of Life Part 2

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Enjoy the Beauty of Life Part 2 – The man finally canceled his intention to commit suicide. But then the man remembered that he had drunk half a bottle of liquid the teacher gave him, would he still die today?

Because of panic and confusion, the man then decided to meet his teacher. When he met his teacher, the teacher smiled and said “You have recovered, just throw the bottle, it’s just plain water, nothing special”

Enjoy the Beauty of Life, it is undeniable, a busy and routine activity every day can make us bored and tired, not only physically but also mentally. Physical and mental fatigue that causes us to collapse immediately when we encounter a problem even though it’s only a small problem.

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The lingering frustration will cause us to be “Allergic Living “. Whereas the problems encountered is not a problem that is too big and serious, but the capacity of our hearts and minds that are small so not ready to accept that the slightest problem.

One of the ways we need to get away from things like this is Refreshing. There are several types of Refreshing that we can do to relieve stress. Including:

Maintain animals or ornamental plants.

A study says that physical contact whether touching, caressing or hugging can give us a sense of relaxation. Do not believe? Just try it

Enjoy the Beauty of Life Part 2

Listen to music or watch movies

The rhythm of the music that stomps or slow actually also gives effect so that it can make us relax and can release us from feeling depressed or stressed.

Share the burden of life with family or friends.

If we are experiencing a heavy burden, never hesitate to tell a friend or family. Because if that unpleasant feeling we get to drag on, can weaken the soul and make us worse, and if this continues, our minds can become chaotic and our health will be disrupted.

The worst result is, we are even more desperate. That is why before bad things happen don’t hesitate to share the burden to the people closest to us.

Be creative.

Do things that we have never done before, such as visiting new places, which we have never visited before. Join a new community, try new things.


Relying on faith. When problems come to us, the most important thing we have to do is pray and ask for God’s help.
Maybe family or friends can help and listen to our complaints, but as human beings, they are limited in ability.

Only God is never tired and always willing to help us, when we are weak helpless and lifted when we fall.
So let’s learn to rely on God not human.

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