Enjoy the Beauty of Life Part 1

Enjoy the Beauty of Life Part 1

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Enjoy the Beauty of Life – A man comes to his teacher “Teacher, I am tired of living, I am genuine, my household is in disarray, my effort is lost, and whatever I do always fail, I want to die”.

The teacher smiled and said “you are sick”

“No teacher, I am not sick, I am healthy, I just feel saturated with life and this life’s” the man replied.

Like not listening to the answer, the teacher continued his words “You are sick, the disease that you have is called Allergy Life, allergic to life, the disease can be cured on the condition that you follow my instructions”.
“No teacher, I don’t want a cure, I don’t want anything, I just want to die so that all these issues are done” the man still maintains his opinion.

Enjoy the Beauty of Life Part 1

“So you don’t want to get well? Do you really want to die? Well, tomorrow you will die. Take this medicine bottles, and drink half a bottle right now while the rest half bottles you drink again tomorrow morning’s “the teacher said, handing a bottle of liquid to the men.

The man was taking a bottle given by his teacher, immediately drank half of the bottle’s contents and then left his teacher.

At night, the man decided to have dinner with his family at home. He felt very happy and enjoyed the togetherness. Something he hasn’t done in a few years.

This is the last night, the man wants to leave sweet memories. While eating he jokes and the atmosphere is so relaxed and pleasant. Before going to bed, the man kissing his wife and whisper the words” Darling, I love you so much “.

The next morning, when the man’s wake up, the man opened the bedroom window. Blowing wind refreshes his body. The man is tempted to walk the morning.

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Arriving home after the morning walk, the man found his wife still asleep, then went to the kitchen and made two cups of coffee for himself and his beloved wife. Because that morning was the last morning for him, the man wanted to leave unforgettable memories.┬áThe man’s wife was of course astonished by his unusual attitude.

When he arrived at the office, the man greeted all his employees with a friendly smile. Suddenly he felt that the atmosphere around him had changed completely. The man becomes calmer, more relaxed so he feels his life becomes much more beautiful and meaningful.

The man began to enjoy everything, the spirit of life that had been dimmed slowly began to turn on again.

Continued to Enjoy the Beauty of Life Part 2

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