Enjoy the Beauty of Life Part 2 – The man finally canceled his intention to commit suicide. But then the man remembered that he had drunk half a bottle of liquid the teacher gave him, would he still die today?Because of panic and confusion, the man then decided to meet his teacher. When he met his teacher, the teacher smiled and said “You have recovered, just throw the bottle, it’s just plain water, nothing special”Enjoy the Beauty of Life, it is undeniable, a busy and routine activity every day can make us bored and tired, not only physically but also mentally. Physical and mental fatigue that causes us to collapse immediately when we encounter a problem even though it’s only a small problem.

Enjoy the Beauty of Life – A man comes to his teacher “Teacher, I am tired of living, I am genuine, my household is in disarray, my effort is lost, and whatever I do always fail, I want to die”.The teacher smiled and said “you are sick””No teacher, I am not sick, I am healthy, I just feel saturated with life and this life’s” the man replied.Like not listening to the answer, the teacher continued his words “You are sick, the disease that you have is called Allergy Life, allergic to life, the disease can be cured on the condition that you follow my instructions”.”No teacher, I don’t want a cure, I don’t want anything, I just want to die so that all these issues are done” the man still maintains his opinion.