Lied for Good Part 2

Lied for Good (The Story of Princess Trijata) Part 2

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Lied for Good (The Story of Princess Trijata) Part 2 – This lie continues to be carried out by Princess Trijata, finally known by King Rahwana. Because of mounting anger, King Ravana dropped the curse on Princess Trijata. The curse is “Princess Trijata will later marry a half ape-man”. Later this curse really happened, Princess Trijata finally married a half-ape man named Kapi Jembawan, after Princess Trijata failed to get love from Prince Laksamana.

Kapi Jembawan in Javanese wayang story managed to get love, Princess Trijata by switching the form of the Prince Laksamana. In the Javanese puppet story it is also told that before becoming the wife of Kapi Jembawan, Princess Trijata had previously had a love affair with Hanuman.

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Hanuman is a man, half ape too, commonly called white ape. Hanuman was the son of Bathara Guru and Goddess Anjani. Princess Trijata began to fell in love with this white monkey Hanuman when by order of Ramawijaya came to the garden of Ashoka to meet the Goddess Shinta.

From a love affair with Hanuman, Trijata Princess had a son named Trigangga who would later help Ramawijaya in a great battle to retake Shinta, the war between the kingdoms of Ayodia and Alengka.

Lied for Good Part 2

While the marriage of Princess Trijata with Kapi Jembawan has a daughter named Dewi Jembawati, who later would marry and become Queen Consort of Krishna, King of the Kingdom of Dwarawati.

The teachings behind the story of Princess Trijata

From the story of Princess Trijata, can we get a lesson that Princess Trijata is a woman who has a high sense of empathy, especially among fellow women. Princess Trijata participated feel bitterness that plagued Goddess Shinta when separated from Ramawijaya by King Rahwana. Therefore Princess Trijata tries to help Goddess Shinta to keep King Rahwana did not impose his love for Goddess Shinta or worse is to prevent King Ravana raping. Though to help the goddess Shinta, Princess Trijata had to do lie.

The Effort in order to make the King Ravana failed to get the love of Goddess Shinta, ultimately paid off. In the story of Princess Trijata, doing lies for the common good deserves to be exemplary, although Princess Trijata has to suffer the consequences of getting a curse from King Ravana “Loved and a married man half ape”.

Although getting the curse of King Ravana, in the end, the sincerity of Princess Trijata to keep Goddess Shinta in order to remain a holy woman, in the end, received a proper reward in the future. Putri Trijata’s daughter, Goddess Jembawati, married KingKresna (incarnation of Ramawijaya who was also the incarnation of Lord Vishnu).

It also teaches that a mother’s concern is done sincerely, one day will be able to improve the life of his child.

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