How to Get Through a Difficult Period After Breaking Up With Girlfriend – Nothing is easy from breaking up. There is nothing easy to lose. Losing something that has become your part.Maybe this is how life is, the more mature things are to make peace with losing one and losing another. And life must continue. For those of you who have just broken up, here are a few small things that might help you through a difficult time:

Lied for Good (The Story of Princess Trijata) Part 2 – This lie continues to be carried out by Princess Trijata, finally known by King Rahwana. Because of mounting anger, King Ravana dropped the curse on Princess Trijata. The curse is “Princess Trijata will later marry a half ape-man”. Later this curse really happened, Princess Trijata finally married a half-ape man named Kapi Jembawan, after Princess Trijata failed to get love from Prince Laksamana.Kapi Jembawan in Javanese wayang story managed to get love, Princess Trijata by switching the form of the Prince Laksamana. In the Javanese puppet story it is also told that before becoming the wife of Kapi Jembawan, Princess Trijata had previously had a love affair with Hanuman.