Lied for Good Part 1

Lied for Good (The Story of Princess Trijata) Part 1

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Lied for Good (The Story of Princess Trijata) Part 1 – Whether lying is always not good? There is an opinion that is not always the lies it is worth negative, or in other words, there are lies that can be justified. In a sense when the lie is done for good or benefit of the multitudes can be justified.

For example, in a battle when a soldier was taken prisoner by the enemy, the soldiers with a knight spirit would never say honestly when interrogated the enemy, where the hiding places or strategy. Even the soldier is willing to choose to die rather than giving honest information to his enemy. Because in this case if the captured soldier gives information to his enemy, then the safety of all members of his army becomes threatened.

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Lied for good is also done by Princess Trijata (daughter of Wibisono). In the story of the Ramayana, where King Ravana abducted Goddess Shinta and whisked to the Kingdom of Alengka, Princess Trijata is trusted by King Rahwana to guard Goddess Shinta at Asoka Park.

Princess Trijata often does lie, i.e. Every King Ravana Garden dating to Ashoka looking Goddess Shinta, Princess Trijata always told the King Ravana that Goddess Shinta loved King Ravana, just still need some time to be alone to forget Ramawijaya her husband, whereas Goddess Shinta never loved King Ravana. The lies perpetrated by Princess Trijata was intended to avoid going to the bad things of the Goddess Shinta.

The Life Story Of Princess Trijata

The Princess Trijata is the daughter of Wibisono (younger brother of King Ravana). When King Ravana succeeded in the kidnapping of Goddess Shinta from Ramawijaya hand in Dandaka forest, Princess Trijata gains the trust of King Ravana to keep and serve the goddess Shinta in the garden of Ashoka.

Lied for Good Part 1

King Ravana who wish get love from Shinta also asks for help to Princess Trijata for biased endearing Goddess Shinta so willing to accept the love of King Ravana.
But what happened was that Princess Trijata was a barrier because every King Ravana wanted to meet Goddess Shinta, Princess Trijata always said that Goddess Shinta still needs time to be alone and still trying to forget her lover Ramawijaya.

As a fellow woman, Princess Trijata deeply understands the suffering experienced by Goddess Shinta, King Ravana has made Dewi Shinta separated from Ramawijaya, a sweet lover who she loves.

The reason that’s what makes Princess Trijata always told the King Ravana that Shinta asked delay to meet the King Ravana, even Princess Trijata often do lie to King Ravana, Shinta that love him very much, but because it is still in the process of forgetting the Ramawijaya, then the goddess Shinta still need time to be alone and have not been found. The lie continues to be carried out by Princess Trijata repeatedly every King Ravana intends to meet the goddess Shinta in the garden of Ashoka.

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