Curse of the Lord of the Universe Part 2

Curse of the Lord of the Universe Part 2

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Curse of the Lord of the Universe (The Story of Goddess Uma) Part 2 – Towards the war Bharatayuda, Bathari Durga lost his son Bathara Kala who was killed by Wisanggeni and Antasena. But behind that Bathari Durga was relieved.

Because Sadewa was one of the Pandavas’ sons, he was willing to free the curse that Bathari Durga suffered. This curse release process is known to Javanese as “Ruwatan”.

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After going through the process of liberating the curse by Sadewa, Bathari Durga changed her form as before to become a beautiful angel with a beautiful appearance. Not long after Bathari Durga returned to live in Jong Giri Saloka heaven and used her real name, Goddess Uma.

The Wisdom behind The Story Of The Goddess Uma

There are two things that can be examined from the story of Goddess Uma, namely about the curse and “Ruwatan” as well as about the lesson behind the story of the Goddess Uma dullness which can be used as a warning for any women to be careful in living her life.

Curse and Ruwatan

When understood deeply, actually a curse is a result of immorality or crime because of the influence of negative elemental turmoil in the human soul. While “Ruwatan” is the liberation of negative elements that control the human soul.

Curse of the Lord of the Universe Part 2

Based on the philosophy of Javanese culture, that humans who are exposed to curses for violating norms or noble teachings will be reduced in degree.
Humans who get curses will have an evil heart. Their lives are only to pamper their passions and anger, as did Bathari Durga who always supports Bathara Kala’s efforts to destroy the Pandavas and their families.

If the person affected by the curse wants to return to being a noble creature of God, then she must undergo a “Ruwatan” which is the process of freeing the curse. “Ruwatan” can cleanse the human soul and eliminate evil desires. Of course, the “Ruwatan” must be accompanied by a human awareness to repent to God for all her sins.

Teachings behind the Dark Story of Goddess Uma

Behind the dark story of Goddess Uma, there is a teaching that is worth listening to by every woman. Especially the women who live in a modern age, where the relationship between men and women is more free and open. It is different from the old days when relations between men and women were very limited by existing norms.

When the norms that restrict the relationship of love between men and women are violated, then catastrophe will happen. Many of us see women men couples making love in the open area, the affair is also more and more the case, that relationship romance that runs only on the passions of lust alone. As a result, many children are born without knowing who their biological father is.

Like Bathara Kala, giant soul children who never knew love towards other beings.
From this story it can be concluded that the dark story of Goddess Uma gives a signal to all women to be careful in making love for men, that love relationship should not only be based on lust.


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