Lied for Good (The Story of Princess Trijata) Part 1 – Whether lying is always not good? There is an opinion that is not always the lies it is worth negative, or in other words, there are lies that can be justified. In a sense when the lie is done for good or benefit of the multitudes can be justified.For example, in a battle when a soldier was taken prisoner by the enemy, the soldiers with a knight spirit would never say honestly when interrogated the enemy, where the hiding places or strategy. Even the soldier is willing to choose to die rather than giving honest information to his enemy. Because in this case if the captured soldier gives information to his enemy, then the safety of all members of his army becomes threatened.

Curse of the Lord of the Universe (The Story of Goddess Uma) Part 2 – Towards the war Bharatayuda, Bathari Durga lost his son Bathara Kala who was killed by Wisanggeni and Antasena. But behind that Bathari Durga was relieved.Because Sadewa was one of the Pandavas’ sons, he was willing to free the curse that Bathari Durga suffered. This curse release process is known to Javanese as “Ruwatan”.