Curse of the Lord of the Universe Part 1

Curse of the Lord of the Universe Part 1

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Curse of the Lord of the Universe (The Story of Goddess Uma) Part 1 – Goddess Uma is one of the wives of Sang Hyang Bathara Guru, the Kings of the gods who are enthroned in Jong Giri Saloka Heaven. In her life story, Goddess Uma once got a curse as a giant due to the act of Bathara Guru who could not resist her lustful desire while traveling in the air driving Andhini Cow.

After being expelled from heaven Jong Giri Saloka, Goddess Uma who became known as the Bathari name Durga became the ruler of the unseen world in Gandamayit.

The story of Goddess Uma

Once when Goddess Uma and her husband Bathara Guru traveled in the air driving Andhini’s Cow, the two gods were honeymooning enjoying the atmosphere of Mayapada’s beauty from space. The towering mountains, the rows of hills that resemble dragons and blue seas stretching wide.


Above the ocean, Goddess Uma mingled with Bathara Guru. Shortly afterward, Bathara Guru’s passionate desire flared when she saw the beauty of Goddess Uma’s body. Because he could not resist the lust of the two gods making love on the body of the Andhini Cow. Unnoticed by Bathara Guru and Goddess Uma, Bathara Guru’s sperm fell to the ocean which later turned into a giant baby known as Bathara Kala.


After making love, Bathara Guru and Goddess Uma get a curse from the Lord of the Universe. Goddess Uma transforms into a terrifying giant, while Bathara Guru has fangs like wild animals. From the curse shows that Bathara Guru and Goddess Uma who are gods still have arousal lusts like wild animals and giants.

For Goddess Uma, the curse of the Lord of the Universe did not end there, Goddess Uma had to leave Bathara Guru who remained enthroned in Jong Giri Saloka heaven. Goddess Uma was expelled in the middle as the queen of the occult nation in the Pasetran Gandamayit Kingdom. That’s where Goddess Uma is known as Bathari Durga.

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During her reign in the Pasetran Gandamayit Kingdom, Bathari Durga’s character turned evil. Bathari Durga always fulfilled the request of his son Bathara Kala to prey on the Pandavas, the sons of the guide who consisted of Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sadewa.

. In addition, Bathari Durga never refused to help Dewasrani (son of the other with Lord Guru) to seize the Goddess Dresanala from the hands of Arjuna. Even though it got some help from Bathari Durga, even sometimes also got help from Bathara Guru, Bathara Kala and Dewasrani efforts have always failed, because the Pandavas besides Milky also always get help from Ki Semar or Sang Hyang Bathara Ismaya, always ready to serve and assist the Pandavas and his family each of them is threatened.

Continued to ……Curse of the Lord of the Universe (The Story of Goddess Uma) Part 2

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