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Symbol of Harmony between Husband and Wife

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Symbol of Harmony between Husband and Wife (Goddess Ratih’s example) – In the book of Smaradhahana the work of Mpu Dharmaja, Dewi Ratih name written (Rati) and her lover Kamajaya.

In the book told about the burning of Dewi Ratih along Kamajaya towards the birth of Ganesha (elephant-headed deity). The spirit of the goddess and Ratih Kamajaya then incarnated into physical Kirana and Sri Kamesywara, Kadiri Kings who ruled from the year 1116 until 1135 M.

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At the Seven-month womb, the ceremony is up to now still held most of the Javanese, Dewi Ratih Kamajaya often depicted with her husband in a young Coconut. This is intended so that children born in the future when women will have facial beauty and glory of nature as a goddess of Ruth, and if so that children born in the future are a male will have his face and the glories of nature as Kamajaya.

The Story of Goddes Ratih in the decline message “Revelation Hidayat”

Goddess Ratih is the daughter of Lord Soma, grandson of Sang Hyang Pancares (descendants of Sang Hyang Wening). Dewi Ratih married with Sang Hyang Kamajaya who was the son of Sang Hyang Ismaya and Dewi Senggani. After married Goddes Ratih lived with Kamajaya in heaven Cakrakembang.

Goddess Ratih is a pretty-faced the angels. In addition, the goddess has a noble personality of the birthday party. Have love towards all beings, are honest, reliable and patient. Loyal and devoted to her husband. In short, Goddes Ratih has an extraordinary personality.

In the story of the descent of the message “Revelation Hidayat” of Goddess Ratih, Goddess Ratih has an important role. By Sang Hyang Bathara Guru, Dewi Ratih is ordered to lose the message “Revelation Hidayat” and “Revelation Maningkem ” to the Uttarā Goddess (daughter of Lord Matsyapati and goddess Rekatawati from the Kingdom of Virata). At the same time, Sang Hyang Bathara Guru ordered Kamajaya to lose the message “Revelation Cakraningrat ” and “revelation Maningrat” to Abhimanyu (son of Arjuna and Subhadra).

With both these Revelation, Abhimanyu and Uttarā Goddess then bound in a relationship that the husband and wife then gave birth to Parikshit who later would rule the Kingdom of Hastinapura. In addition to giving birth to Parikshit, Abhimanyu and Uttarā Goddess also have another son that the son will be King of Kings in Java.

Example Of Dewi Ratih

Goddess Ratih is a puppet protagonist, who have honest and trustful nature, therefore the noble task of getting Birthday Goddess of Bathara Guru to deliver the message “revelation Hidayat” and “Revelation Maningkem ” to the goddess Uttarā.

A woman who is the imitation of the nature Goddess Ratih will undoubtedly gain the trust of her husband. A husband will not be suspicious of his wife in any case.
When a wife doing her husband’s romance with a relationship based on genuine love, later she would give birth to children who are virtuous noble. The children respect and implement the advice of his parents, kids who appreciate the sesame and obedient to God.

The last thing worth imitated from Goddess Ratih is always loyal and dedicated to her husband.
The Faithful wife means, is not having an affair with another man. Worship, meaning that his wife always keeps her husband’s good name, obey all good advice from her husband.

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