Light in The Dark Alley Of Men Part 2

Light in The Dark Alley Of Men – Part 2

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Light in The Dark Alley Of Men (The Story of Dewi Supraba) Part 2 – The Role Of Dewi Supraba In The Mission Of Arjuna/Begawan Mintaraga

All Javanese puppet fans surely know the figure of Arjuna. Arjuna was the biological son of Kunti Nalibrata and Lord Indra. As a disciple of Guru Drona, Arjuna is not only had inner magical power, but also the physical power. Arjuna is very shrewd in his use of the weapon crossbow.

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Because of his supernatural powers, Arjuna was able to conquer his enemies (a rivalry that was phenomenal with Karna during the Baratayuda war on the battlefield of Kurukshetra between the Pandavas and Kauravas).

Although it has tremendous extraordinary powers, Arjuna is not capable of defeating Niwata Kawaca. All weapons owned including spear Pasopati given by Lord Guru is not able to destroy Niwata Kawaca. Because of all the efforts made not bring results, Arjuna asked for the help of the goddess Supraba to find the weakness of Niwata Kawaca.

Light in The Dark Alley Of Men Part 2

As a smart woman, it is very easy for Dewi Supraba to fool Kawaca Niwata. Dewi Supraba pretends to love Niwata Kawaca, believing that Dewi Supraba accepts her love, Niwata Kawaca explains about the supernatural powers He possesses and the weaknesses behind his supernatural powers.

After knowing the weaknesses of Kawaca Niwata, Dewi Supraba from a distance signaled Arjuna to release the Pasopati spear right into the giant Niwata Kawaca throat. Without waiting for a long time, Arjuna who had received a signal from Dewi Supraba immediately released Pasopati’s spear. Being engrossed in chatting with Dewi Supraba Niwata Kawaca did not see the spattering of Pasopati’s spear, just stepping right in his throat. Kawaca Niwata fell to the ground dead.

After Niwatakawaca died, Jong Giri Saloka heavenly state returned to peace and quiet. All the Lords party, rejoicing to welcome Arjuna and Dewi Supraba’s wedding.

The Implied Teachings

Dewi Supraba is one of the many figures of Javanese puppets that are modeled by every woman, especially those who have married. Where the role of married women is not just as a husband’s companion. A wife must be able to relieve her husband’s burden by participating in solving all problems faced. So here the role of a wife is like Light when a husband is in darkness.

Learn from the story of the Dewi Supraba, then a wife in domestic life is currently not just as objects just follow the path of life and think of her husband’s pattern without knowing its destination. A wife should be the subject of a perpetrator who determines policies in managing households.

Modeled the Dewi Supraba, a wife is also not too demanding to her husband. Because it could cause a depressed husband and do things that are prohibited by religion or the State, such as doing Corruption or other bad deeds.

So that a wife can become the real Dewi Supraba, then there are two ways that must be done, namely:

Have Wisdom

With wisdom, a wife would know the conditions and problems that are being faced by her husband, so that his wife could help find a way out the top issues facing her husband exactly and without offending husbands.


Knowledge is not identical to being highly educated. A knowledgeable wife is a wife who always learns both from books and empirical experiences. From that knowledge, a wife can help ease the burden of the husband through enlightening opinions and views. So that no matter how heavy the problems faced by the husband will be solved.

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