Light in The Dark Alley Of Men Part 1

Light in The Dark Alley Of Men – Part 1

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Light in The Dark Alley Of Men (The Story of Dewi Supraba) Part 1 –  Literally, the name Supraba means “glorious light or great light”. Thus Dewi Supraba can be meant as a figure of a woman full of solutions, both in terms of the household as well as in terms of life. That is why in the world of Javanese puppets, Dewi Supraba is much admired by men.

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Dewi Supraba In The Story Of Begawan Mintaraga

In the story of Begawan Mintaraga in Javanese puppets, it is told that Supraba was proposed by King Niwata Kawaca of Manikmantaka kingdom to be his wife. But the proposal did not get the blessing of the King of Jong Giri Saloka Gods of Heaven namely Sang Hyang Bathara Guru.

Hearing that refusal, Niwata Kawaca was offended, shortly afterward Niwata Kawaca and his troops invaded Jong Giri Saloka Heaven. Niwata Kawaca vowed that he would not take a step back to get Dewi Supraba and would destroy Jong Giri Saloka if he could not get Dewi Supraba.

Light in The Dark Alley Of Men Part 1

To face the invasion of Niwata Kawaca and his army, Bathara Guru ordered Lord Narada and his troops to fight the invasion.

There was a fierce battle between the forces of the Gods led by Lord Narada, assisted by Lord Indra, Lord Brama, Lord Yamadipati and his entire army against Niwata Kawaca invasion. But the troops of the Lords is not able to face the horrible invasion Niwata Kawaca along with his troops.

Finally, Bathara Guru ordered Lord Indra to request the help of Arjuna who is meditating with renamed Begawan Mintaraga.

To disturb Begawan Mintaraga so that his meditation failed, Lord Indra senses invited seven nymphs, Dewi Warsiki, Dewi Irimirin, Dewi Tunjung Biru, Dewi Wilutama, Dewi Gagarmayang, Dewi Lenglet Mulat, and Dewi Supraba.

Various ways and seductions have been made, but none of the nymphs can thwart Begawan Mintaraga continued to meditate.

Then there was a miracle, when it suddenly appeared a boar who are harming the Begawan Mintaraga asceticism, because disturbed, Begawan Mintaraga releasing an arrow towards the wild boar that. In conjunction with the Begawan Mintaraga releasing arrows, Bathara Guru also released his arrow. Both the arrow stuck to the body of a wild boar simultaneously. Shortly afterward there was a dispute between the Begawan Mintaraga with Bathara Guru because both of them felt like the first archers regarding wild boar. The dispute continued with fighting.

The battle was won by the Begawan Mintaraga. Since losing to then Bathara Guru gives his weapon the Pasopati spear to Begawan Mintaraga aka Arjuna.
Furthermore, Batara Guru asks Arjuna for help to annihilate Niwata Kawaca and will be rewarded if successful kill Niwata Kawaca a nymph named Dewi Supraba.

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