Don't Be Afraid Of Living Relaxing

Don’t Be Afraid Of Living Relaxing

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Living Relaxing – Although as a full-time trader but I always use the principle of the effectiveness of the time, the question always comes up on my mind “is a long Time used for trading it effective??” then “what Success is achieved by trading hours long?? ” … Yes maybe you can succeed with your trading, but you failed in your personal life because you have no enough time to accompany those persons you care about.


Just imagine you are tired of trading (and maybe make some money) but your children are not close to you and truly tragic if coupled with declining because of less lucrative health break and burdened by stress.

But I also don’t want to Naive to say “Let’s trade casually” without building a strong foundation and working as well as studying hard at first because it’s almost certainly your trading will be destroyed and get nothing.

Have you ever seen a trader whose trading hours are less from you but the result is much larger than your trading results?? Meeting with friends this trader who opened my insight, they seem to “enjoy” and happy and when the trading they do not go according to their expected reply seem so calm to deal with it. .. (thanks for the enlightenment guys).

My initial vote trading business as a profession because I smashed, loss of home, Office, and other property used to be involved with early trading nearly 24 hours time I use for learning … reading literature, in front of a laptop and when it is (feel) can trade with confidence I started trading but the result even more and make financial slumped, even though it had a chance to leave the world of trading … each time experienced loss in trading I’ve have no energy reserves to face it huff …

I finally realize that hard work analyzes in trading without coupled with “Dare to Live Casual” would be very ineffective, we will be a BURNOUT and not happy any of our trading results … Traders who continue to work hard without significant result in my opinion actually is (sorry) stupid people who only spend resources, We should trade smarter, not trade longer.

Truly wretched if we’re trading without direction and without a brain … We are too lazy our Right and Left Brains, so Trading that can be completed in 30 minutes can change to 5 hours, even if we can use the other 4 hours 30 minutes to do other things, relaxing Activities will relax the nerves of the brain, draws us from burnout and will eventually give you a brilliant idea, it makes our life much more effective.

If you remember Isaac Newton discovering gravity theory when he saw an Apple fall from a tree … see an Apple fell from the tree indicates he’s not being in the mood to work but are being relaxed in the garden.
Ninja Turtle was born of two students who like to draw. Successful e-commerce companies start from those who like to play in cyberspace … so don’t feel guilty if you relax.

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Most traders feel the addiction or even feel guilty if it doesn’t open up the laptop to analyze charts, indicators etc. in a long span of time, usually a trader like this not too effective. Sorry if I said so because it’s happened to me and my friends who great traders.

Relax does not mean to justify ourselves to continue to play and not working, but here I am reminded that we can be thankful, a reminder not to forget also to relax the nerves of the brain, a reminder to stay close with the people we care about, interact with the environment, does God work to create earth and all its contents in 6 days?? May God also needs to relax on the seventh day, so don’t feel pretentious if it can keep trading every day, for me traders like this are crazy traders.

Relax to recharge the energy of our lives, to visit and joked with children and wives that we love, pamper ourselves with our favorite coffee mug, lay your body and watch our favorite events.. Remember to do that does not mean we are lazy.

Given the personal experiences, I became to think that often times in world trading many traders who strive against their own success, they are like so diligently but does not produce anything.

Once again we MUST BE SMARTER TRADING INSTEAD of LONGER, look and think of the factor time in trading that could toss our Profit without necessarily trading longer, remember when the age of diminished physical strength increase and this is the time where we have to work using brain instead of physical again.
In the end, I want to say is. .. Do not be afraid to live a relaxed, but not before warning signs on how to take your life to the levels. This is the DARING LIFE RELAXING!!!!!!

SUCCESS = Work Hard + Play Hard + Shut Your Mouth

( A trader notes )

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