Making Peace with The Past..

Making Peace with The Past

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Making Peace with The Past – An airplane when going to take off should take into account the weight of the load carried, if the weight of the load carried exceeds the maximum limit it must be reduced because the plane will have difficulty taking off and will be dangerous.

We can analogize the quality of life as a plane above, we have passed several airports in transit as well as this life continues in its journey to rise. The failure of the soul to “take off” is due to the burden that exceeds the maximum capacity that is owned and this is not realized by the body that carries the soul.


In everyday life many people are piling up burdens, even looking for burdens, putting useless things into “plane of self”, sometimes the mind allows Ego to freely search for food, satisfy the ego in the form of existence, appreciation, recognition from other people where these things are junk goods “which adds to the burden of the soul to take off.

Nearest other wrecks like ” Anger, anxiety, resentment, jealousy, and other negative emotions, let us conclude that” To take off the burden reduction is required, the soul in life especially nearest junkyard-me Obsolete in life”.

Many among us have that attachment with the junkyard, tied with prestige, bound with the name, position title and tied with pride all over the world, and we forget that we are running the “Script” of God.

Some people stop running “scripts” and replace looking for. …

What the heck is searched…??
HAPPINESS?? Isn’t life itself is happy …

Want to find God …??? God never goes away and does not need to look for, just need to realize
The journey of “Script” we become beautiful and often not an error because there is a “search” in translating each command in the programming of  God.

“When the script of life is an offering of gratitude and happy celebrations over the awakening of the soul for God”.

Take off the soul requires the release of “junkyard” which makes a load of the aircraft themselves, one junkyard which often does not realize is the past.
Whether any of that reply is the past, it could be any regrets, or attachment because of pride over the past.
The past is a snare of a life that can make a girdle for the soul to take-off.

Attachment to the past resulted in the absence of a sense of peace on this day, and no sense of peace on this day will create anxiety in the future.
It is obvious already ANXIETY will be the future we can heal by way of letting go of the attachment to the past.


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