Don’t Be Afraid Of Living Relaxing – Although as a full-time trader but I always use the principle of the effectiveness of the time, the question always comes up on my mind “is a long Time used for trading it effective??” then “what Success is achieved by trading hours long?? ” … Yes maybe you can succeed with your trading, but you failed in your personal life because you have no enough time to accompany those persons you care about.Just imagine you are tired of trading (and maybe make some money) but your children are not close to you and truly tragic if coupled with declining because of less lucrative health break and burdened by stress.

Making Peace with The Past – An airplane when going to take off should take into account the weight of the load carried, if the weight of the load carried exceeds the maximum limit it must be reduced because the plane will have difficulty taking off and will be dangerous.We can analogize the quality of life as a plane above, we have passed several airports in transit as well as this life continues in its journey to rise. The failure of the soul to “take off” is due to the burden that exceeds the maximum capacity that is owned and this is not realized by the body that carries the soul.