Disappointing style 2

Disappointing style (Part 2)

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Disappointing style (Part 2) – Finally, at this Weekend, Rambo and Joe really carried out their plan. With the assignment letter signed by Rambo, they were permitted to their wives to go out of town on business. They really want to try a challenge they have long left behind, that is making love with a slut.

Arriving at the destination city, they both go to Hotel Flower, ordering 2 adjacent rooms. After reaching Joe’s room, he immediately contacted Pimp, named Cassinelli. Joe gets the pimp’s phone number from his friend Tyler

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“Hello Mr. Cassinelli, I’m Joe, the friend of Tyler,” said Joe
“Well, can I help you?” Cassinelli replied
“Can you send the two best prostitutes you have to Flower Hotels, rooms 303 and 305?”
“Ok, but for the best the price is definitely different, more expensive,” explained Cassinelli
“The expensive price doesn’t matter, sir, as long as they can make us satisfied,” Joe replied excitedly.


Shortly afterward, two beautiful and sexy women arrived at the hotel, they rang the bell in room 303 occupied by Rambo.

Rambo immediately opened the door, he was surprised to see two sexy women with quite stimulating clothes at the door of the room
“Good evening sir, I was sent by Mr. Cassinelli to accompany you,” said the blond woman
“Good evening, please come in” replied Rambo
After the two women entered Rambo’s room, they became acquainted
“I am Lola,” said the blonde woman and this is my friend Christine while reaching out
‘Eh I am Rambo” replied Rambo stammered because he was still amazed by the shape of Lola’s chest
“For a moment, I’ll go to the next room, tell Joe, my friend, if you’ve come.”

Rambo left his room and toward the room Joe located next to the room
As soon as the door to room 305 was opened, Rambo immediately said … “Joe is going to be sensational, the prostitutes who come are both special,” said Rambo delightedly
‘Let’s just begin,” Joe replied.

“Wait, I chose Lola, a blonde woman, you made love to Christine”
“It doesn’t matter with anyone, the important thing is to be satisfied” replied Joe pretending to be relaxed
Rambo immediately returned to his room, after arriving at the room Rambo told Christine to go to room 305
As soon as Christine left, Rambo closed the door and approached Lola
“Looks like you can’t wait, bro?” Teased Lola, kissing Rambo’s lips
“Hahaha of course Lola”.

Without much talking, Lola immediately took off her clothes, as did Rambo. Both of them then directly involved a burning hot love.

Twenty minutes later the romance drama was finished. Rambo does not immediately take a bath but only uses a towel and goes out to Joe’s room, while Lola is still lying in bed
Rambo pressed Bell on Joe’s room, Joe comes out soon.

“What’s the wrong Rambo?” Joe asked
“Come out first Joe I want to talk”
Joe came out of the room wearing only underwear
“Are you done, Joe?”
“What’s wrong the Rambo?” Joe asked again in surprise
“Joe, I’m disappointed to make love with Lola, Lola’s style in making love isn’t satisfying when compared to Sarah. My wife is still far more passionate and burning up Sarah’s love style. “Rambo complained to Joe.

“Just like you Rambo, I am also disappointed, Christine’s style in making love isn’t satisfying when compared to Sarah Your wife Rambo”…. Joe answered spontaneously.

And, war happens……

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