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Disappointing style (Part 1)

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Disappointing style (Part 1) – Rambo and Joe are childhood friends who until they were mature, their friendship relationship still persisted. Why not, both of them attend the same school since elementary, junior high and high school. In fact, both of them also worked in the same company, although Rambo’s position was higher than Joe’s,, that did not reduce their closeness.

Not only in work, in other cases, but they are also always together. Drunk together, karaoke together, fishing together, even making love with a whore no matter, they are also shared. No wonder then the Office called them “inseparable”. Where there is a Rambo, there was Joe.

Rambo and Joe’s friendship continues, even after they get married. Rambo married Sarah, a friend during high school. A year later Joe married Rebeca, an employee at Joe and Rambo work.
Rambo and Joe’s dwellings are even next to each other, this makes them even more inseparable, even though sometimes there are small quarrels which then make their relationship tenuous. However, all the small friction will usually subside soon a day or two later.


Year after year, now Rambo and Joe have children. Rambo has one daughter, while Joe has two children, a son, and a daughter.

One day when they were fishing together, Joe asked Rambo
“Rambo, I want to ask you, but this is a secret,” Joe said
“Ask what?” Replied Rambo.
“But please keep it a secret, only for us both,” Joe asked
“Don’t worry, quickly say” Rambo is curious
“Look, I have been married for four years with Rebeca, well, for some reason, I feel boredom in matters of making love with Rebeca do you feel that way too with Sarah?” Asked Joe
Rambo was rather surprised by Joe’s question, but he was also interested in answering, because, Rambo actually had the same anxiety.
“Wow, yeah Joe. Honestly, I feel that way too. I feel there is something missing when making love with my wife”
“Well, right. That means I’m not the one who feels it, “Joe said,” it looks like we need to do something, Rambo. ”
“Something like what?”.

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“Look, during your marriage, you never made love to prostitutes as you used to when you were not married?”

“Obviously it’s never been. Since I married Sarah, I promised myself not to make love with slut again. Sarah was a good woman, I do not want to hurt her.”
“Well,” Joe said excitedly, “Maybe that makes us feel bored, we seem to need to make love with Slut”.
“Wow, I don’t dare, Joe, if Sarah finds out, she can cry for days
“So look for prostitutes, not in our city,” Joe said.

“What if we go and making love with prostitutes outside the city? You are the director of the company, so just make the schedule as if we are working outside the city, “Joe suggested
“I’ll try to contact Tyler later, he said he has acquaintances of pimps who can find beautiful and sexy prostitutes.” Joe continued his idea.

Rambo looked doubtful with Joe’s proposal. He wanted to refuse, but in his little heart, he was actually curious too.
“How do you suggest to me?” Joe asked.
Rambo is still silent.
“Okay”, answered Rambo then, tomorrow I will make a letter of assignment for both of us to discuss the project out of town service.

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