Disappointing style (Part 2) – Finally, at this Weekend, Rambo and Joe really carried out their plan. With the assignment letter signed by Rambo, they were permitted to their wives to go out of town on business. They really want to try a challenge they have long left behind, that is making love with a slut.Arriving at the destination city, they both go to Hotel Flower, ordering 2 adjacent rooms. After reaching Joe’s room, he immediately contacted Pimp, named Cassinelli. Joe gets the pimp’s phone number from his friend Tyler

Disappointing style (Part 1) – Rambo and Joe are childhood friends who until they were mature, their friendship relationship still persisted. Why not, both of them attend the same school since elementary, junior high and high school. In fact, both of them also worked in the same company, although Rambo’s position was higher than Joe’s,, that did not reduce their closeness.Not only in work, in other cases, but they are also always together. Drunk together, karaoke together, fishing together, even making love with a whore no matter, they are also shared. No wonder then the Office called them “inseparable”. Where there is a Rambo, there was Joe.