The Same Way 2

The Same Way (Part 2)

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The Same Way (Part 2) – One day, when Rambo was engrossed in making love with Amy, suddenly, a car sound came into Amy’s home page.

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Amy knew the sound of the car. her husband Gareth’s car. He certainly did not expect if her husband would go home that soon, even though he should, her husband should have come home in two hours.
Of course, Rambo panicked, especially when the sound of Gareth’s footsteps was getting closer.

Rambo’s panic became even worse when he realized that Amy’s house did not have a back door, which meant there was no other way out for Rambo.

Luckily Amy was apparently quite genius when Gareth knocked on the door, Amy casually said to Rambo, “Honey, hurry up and wear your clothes, let me take care of Gareth.”

Rambo immediately wears his clothes, while Amy walks slowly toward the door of the house while holding her stomach pretending to be in pain.

Amy immediately opened the door and outside stood the beloved husband.
Calmly, Amy kissed her husband, “How come it’s so fast returning home?” Amy asked her husband Gareth.
“Yeah, the overtime is only a little so I can go home early,” Gareth answered.
Gareth then prepares to take off his shoes. But later, Amy prevented him and said to Gareth
“Honey, while the shoes haven’t been removed, please buy me a stomachache medicine,” Amy asked.
“Do you have to see a doctor, Amy”? Gareth asked worriedly
“No need to see a doctor, just a normal stomachache, maybe I will get menstruation”
Because of Worry, Gareth immediately turned on the car and went to the pharmacy, which was about 3 blocks from their home.

“Thank God, Amy is really a smart woman, if it wasn’t for Amy being smart, surely Gareth would have shot me,” Rambo thought as he ran towards his car to go home.

On the way home, the heart of Rambo incessantly beat. His feelings are mixed. Thankful but also annoyed. Thankful that he had just survived Gareth’s anger, and was annoyed that his love for Amy had not yet reached orgasm.
You can imagine how the passion of sex that has not reached orgasm must be stopped because of unpleasant events
To vent his desires that have already been smoldering Rambo plans to make love to his wife Sarah, once he gets home.


Shortly afterwards Rambo arrived at his house, and immediately knocked on the door
Sarah then came out, with her face in pain
“Honey, while the shoes haven’t been released, please buy me a stomach ache medicine, it looks like I’m going to menstruate, my stomach hurts” Sarah asked
Rambo was shocked and he entered the house shouting “Who is inside?” because he suspected there was another man in his house.

And, war ensued….

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