The Same Way (Part 2) – One day, when Rambo was engrossed in making love with Amy, suddenly, a car sound came into Amy’s home page. Amy knew the sound of the car. her husband Gareth’s car. He certainly did not expect if her husband would go home that soon, even though he should, her husband should have come home in two hours.Of course, Rambo panicked, especially when the sound of Gareth’s footsteps was getting closer.Rambo’s panic became even worse when he realized that Amy’s house did not have a back door, which meant there was no other way out for Rambo.

The Same Way (Part 1) – You could say, Rambo, is a very lucky man. Why not, with a face on the 7/10 level and a mediocre brain, he can become the main director at a publishing company besides that he can also marry Sarah as his wife. Sarah is not an ordinary woman, she is a special woman. Not only beautiful, but she is also independent, understanding and painstaking in managing the household. But Rambo is a depraved man, with all the “perfect” wife gifts he got, he was still tempted to cheat. And the bastard, he cheated on Amy, a friend near Sarah his wife.The affair began when Rambo took Sarah to visit Amy’s house. Somehow, there is something strange in Rambo’s heart when he faces Amy. His heartfelt pounding. He felt there was something else from Amy, something he could not find in Sarah’s figure.