Surprise on Rambo's Birthday 2

Surprise on Rambo’s Birthday (Part 2)

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Surprise on Rambo’s Birthday (Part 2) – In the afternoon, when He got home from work, Rambo was intercepted by Jennifer in the front lobby. “Sir, wait a minute,” he said.

“What’s wrong, Jennifer?”

“Sir, today is your 40th birthday, what if we celebrate it?”

“Celebrating my birthday? Where do you want to be celebrated? ”

“If it’s in my apartment, how is it?”

Rambo’s dirty thoughts suddenly appeared. Seeing Jennifer, his young and sexy secretary, it was difficult for Rambo to refuse the offer.

“It’s okay, why not!”

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They both then went home together using Rambo’s car to Jennifer’s apartment which was only a few blocks from the office. Along the way, Rambo’s brain keeps thinking about sex.
Arriving at Jennifer’s apartment, both of them immediately entered, Jennifer locked the door of her apartment and immediately turned on the lights and air conditioning. Jennifer looked flirtatiously at her boss. The look that made Rambo’s mind wilder and out of control. The heat spread throughout the room even though the air conditioner was already on.


Rambo sits on the couch, while Jennifer takes off her shoes and puts her things on the table not far from where Rambo is sitting.

“Sir, on this birthday, I have prepared something special for you,” Jennifer said with a smile that was so sweet and seductive. Her red lips that broke out looked like seducing Rambo.
“I really have been waiting for that,” Rambo answered briefly.
“Okay, then, wait a minute, sir. I go to the bathroom first, please be patient,”
“Of course, my sweet secretary,” Rambo said, began to dare to tease.
Jennifer immediately headed to the bathroom.

“After Jennifer took a shower, it was my turn to take a shower, so I better just take off my clothes and pants,” thought Rambo.

While waiting for Jennifer to come out of the bathroom, Rambo’s mind never escaped imagining how to make love with Jennifer, what style will be used has also been prepared by Rambo
Not long after, around five minutes, Jennifer came out of the bathroom, and behind her, Sarah’s wife Rambo was already there, there was also her daughter Shakira and Rambo employees. Sarah holds a tart that says ‘Happy birthday, dear husband’.
“Surprise …” they shouted compactly.
Rambo was surprised to just sit transfixed on the couch, naked, without a thread.
What a big surprise.

And, war happens….

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