Surprise on Rambo's Birthday 1

Surprise on Rambo’s Birthday (Part 1)

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Surprise on Rambo’s Birthday (Part 1) – Twelve March, Rambo started his day with joy, because Twelve March was his 40th birthday. For Rambo, 40 was a very important and special age. He always believes in the phrase “Life begins at 40”, a new life begins at the age of 40.

At the age of 40 years, Rambo has arguably been very happy both career and household. He now holds the position of managing director at one of the major publishing companies in his city, whereas his marriage is quite happy, Rambo married to Sarah a beautiful and independent woman and has been blessed with a 5-year-old daughter named Shakira.

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On his special day, Rambo tried to get up early and then immediately took a shower. He deliberately stayed in the bathroom for a long time, because Rambo hoped, as soon as he came out of the bathroom, his wife Sarah had welcomed him with a birthday greeting and a 40-shaped candle with a candle.

However it turns out, the expectation was not realized. When he came out of the bathroom, there were no tarts, his wife did not even give a birthday greeting and acted like a normal day. After breakfast, Rambo immediately left for the office with a disappointed face and lazy steps.

At the Office, Rambo’s enthusiasm rises, because he hopes his employees will remember that today is his birthday and will wish him a happy birthday.

But damn it. Rambo employees also did not seem to know that the day was their director’s birthday, so when they met Rambo, they behaved, as usual, just saying “good morning, Mr. Rambo!” No more.

“Oh my God, my employees are not even anyone remembers my birthday,” he lamented again.
Rambo entered his office with a face that was not much different from his face at home this morning Disappointed face.

In his office, there was Jennifer his secretary who seemed to be busy tidying up and compiling files that Rambo had to sign.
“Good morning, Sir. Happy birthday, best wishes for long life and healthy always,” said Jeniffer spoiled.
As soon as He heard congratulations from Jennifer, Rambo’s heart was happy, his spirit was burning. “Finally there is also someone who remembers my birthday,” he thought.
“How do you know if I’m a birthday today?” Said Rambo curiously.

“I am the one who takes care of your work agreement file, which there is a profile of you, from your date of birth, education, to your full address, I know everything,” Jennifer answered.
“Well, it’s not wrong I chose the secretary,” said Rambo happily.
That day, the working hours were better for Rambo because of the birthday greetings from Jennifer in the morning.

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