Surprise on Rambo’s Birthday (Part 2) – In the afternoon, when He got home from work, Rambo was intercepted by Jennifer in the front lobby. “Sir, wait a minute,” he said.”What’s wrong, Jennifer?””Sir, today is your 40th birthday, what if we celebrate it?””Celebrating my birthday? Where do you want to be celebrated? “”If it’s in my apartment, how is it?”Rambo’s dirty thoughts suddenly appeared. Seeing Jennifer, his young and sexy secretary, it was difficult for Rambo to refuse the offer.”It’s okay, why not!”

Surprise on Rambo’s Birthday (Part 1) – Twelve March, Rambo started his day with joy, because Twelve March was his 40th birthday. For Rambo, 40 was a very important and special age. He always believes in the phrase “Life begins at 40”, a new life begins at the age of 40.At the age of 40 years, Rambo has arguably been very happy both career and household. He now holds the position of managing director at one of the major publishing companies in his city, whereas his marriage is quite happy, Rambo married to Sarah a beautiful and independent woman and has been blessed with a 5-year-old daughter named Shakira.