Fart Strategy 2

Fart Strategy (Part 2)

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Fart Strategy (Part 2) – Maggie is a middle-aged woman aged 45 years. She was a neighbor near Sarah and Rambo. Her house is just 50 meters from the House of Sarah and Rambo. She has been married twice. Well, the experience is a matter of marriage that is what makes Sarah decided to consult with Maggie.

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“Maggie, my husband it seemed nymphomaniac”
“What do you mean by Nymphomaniac?”
“Nymphomaniac, every night Rambo makes love until two or three times, and it’s every day. I was so overwhelmed to deal with it.”

Fart Strategy 2

“Well, it’s understandable, every new bride, it is usually like that,” Maggie said trying to explain
“In the first two months, it’s still reasonable, but it’s been almost four months after we got married, isn’t that excessive?”
“That’s right, it’s too much. then what do you want? ”
“I hope if Rambo makes love just once a night is enough, don’t bother adding more.”
“You just have to refuse, just like that, why bother?”

“Well, that’s the problem, Maggie. You know, I always can’t refuse his request, if Rambo asks to make love many times, especially by putting on his weld face, I often don’t have the heart and finally feel sorry too. Please Maggie, is there a solution? ”
“Hahaha, of course, there is. Not Maggie if I can’t provide a solution.”

Sarah’s face brightens. Finally, she got a solution to the problem so far. She impatiently wanted to immediately listen to the solutions from Maggie.
“Well, what’s the solution, Maggie?”
“Fart” Maggie answered briefly
“What?? Fart?? “Sarah doesn’t understand
“Argh, new brides don’t understand. Your husband Rambo is shocked by your farting voice. Later your husband’s lust will come down automatically because of your farting sound.

So, after you and Rambo make love once, just turn off the lights. After that, you go to the bathroom, in the bathroom, you fart as hard as you can until your husband hears”
My husband and also my ex-husband, if asked to make love more than once when I was tired, I usually used that method, and it worked. ”
After hearing the brilliant idea, Sarah was happy. He thanked Maggie. Sarah can’t wait to immediately practice the trick from Maggie.

That night Sarah has prepared everything well. She even already devouring some cassava stew, broccoli, vegetables and some that are known to produce gas at the body and potentially generate fart, Sarah is convinced she has enough wind to be released.

The prepared plan went very well and smoothly. After Sarah and Rambo finished making love once, according to Maggie’s advice, Sarah immediately turned off the lights and went to the bathroom.
“Duuuuuuuuuuuut … faaaaaart …” from the bathroom, there was a very loud melodic farting sound.
Rambo heard the farting very clearly and then reflexively shouted, “Maggie, is that you?”

And, war happens..

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