Fart Strategy (Part 2) – Maggie is a middle-aged woman aged 45 years. She was a neighbor near Sarah and Rambo. Her house is just 50 meters from the House of Sarah and Rambo. She has been married twice. Well, the experience is a matter of marriage that is what makes Sarah decided to consult with Maggie. “Maggie, my husband it seemed nymphomaniac””What do you mean by Nymphomaniac?””Nymphomaniac, every night Rambo makes love until two or three times, and it’s every day. I was so overwhelmed to deal with it.”

Fart Strategy – As a new bride, do not be surprised if Rambo and Sarah have sex every night, as married couples who marry at the age of mature enough, they don’t want to delay having children. Each night, the two of them can have sex two to three times. Even up to five times in one night is also supported as it still has good stamina.This lasted for a few months. At first, Sarah didn’t mind, Sarah even enjoys associated sex with her husband every night. But the next day, Sarah increasingly feel that way of making love between her and her husband were at a level that is too frequent and excessive. Other couples may just once, but he and Rambo could have gotten three times. So, she later reveals the inconvenience Rambo, her husband.