The Story of Infidelity Part 2

The Story of Infidelity (Part 2)

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The Story of Infidelity (Part 2)  – However, the established life cannot necessarily be fun Rambo and Sarah. They feel their home life is incomplete for the third year of their marriage, they do not have offspring. It’s become its own burden in their household.

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Rambo and Sarah have followed all the advice of his friends in order to immediately get the children. Starting from physical therapy, drinking the traditional herb, to consulting a doctor, but still failed to get the offspring.

As The husband of a full understanding and loving, Rambo trying to comfort his wife Sarah to be patient facing this reality.

The Story of Infidelity Part 2

“Although we do not have children, my love will not change,” said Rambo to Sarah. However, Sarah still can’t calm down, he feels nothing in order to get married if she doesn’t get pregnant. But according to the doctor’s examination, they were both healthy. No one among those who are infertile. Sarah and Rambo always trying even though they’re both actually suffer as well.

Time passed, but the issue is not over. All the effort seems futile, while age both continue to grow. Friends they endlessly provide input to them both in order to have children soon. However, the more actively they try, the more distant they are from hope.

Sarah and Rambo began to feel their marriage is not lucky. These problems affect the relationship then Rambo and Sarah, before their mutual understanding and supported each other when love and sorrow, finally shaken well. Rambo so rarely comes home on time, because if returned home, he found his wife’s glum faces only. While Sarah, in order to find her husband always coming home late at night, she began to assume a bad thing. She suspected her husband was having an affair and had another dream woman.

Feel can’t stand facing the suffering alone, Sarah then told his close friend Lucy about what goes on in their household.
“Try later if your husband came home late again and knocked on the door, you responded from inside like this, ‘ it’s you, my beloved Bono? ‘” said Lucy.

“Bono? My husband’s name was Rambo right?” said Sarah was confused.
“So that your husband not to kapok comes home late at night again. Let him endure the affair had a chance not only him, but you can also. From there, then you two can mutually open yourself to finding the truth, does your husband having an affair or not.” explained her friend Lucy.

Sarah nodded understand. He immediately made the planning if later tonight Rambo came home late again.
The evening, though feels sleepy in the living room, Sarah is still trying to keep a standby overslept until morning so that the plan can be implemented. Rambo had to be a contrived deterrent.

That night, Rambo came home very late, at midnight. Sarah had waited all night with the patient. As usual, Rambo knocked on the door three times. From inside Sarah immediately responded.

“It’s you, Bono?” asked Sarah half shouted.
Rambo was confused. She looked left and right, and then immediately whispered through the sidelines at the door, “Eva I’m not your husband Bono, I’m Rambo”

Immediately, from within the House, the air was hot like in hell. Both Sarah’s eyes glowing red.
And, war happens…..

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