The Story of Infidelity

The Story of Infidelity (Part 1)

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The Story of Infidelity – – Rambo and Sarah could be is the ideal partner. Both fall in love with each other since they were in high school. Both parents also happen to be good friends and had a close relationship. Then, no wonder so graduated high school, both of which are already directly was betrothed and eventually marry after each graduated.

Rambo was the first child, he was a man who was actually not too handsome. Well, if a scale of 1 to 10, Rambo only exists in the value 7. Whereas if Sarah, she was an idol of the school. Very beautiful, from the time entered high school, she has become the target of the male students in his school, and Rambo is one of them.

As an idol of the school with a beautiful face, certainly many students man who approached Sarah, they try to attract the attention of Sarah by giving a gift to Sarah. Starting from chocolate, poetry books, bracelets, Pack, even to anyone intent on buying any gem ring was rejected outright by Sarah.

Well, of all the awarding of the men, it turns out that no one can draw attention to Sarah, except one: the granting of Rambo. And know what the prize? A pack of bread Ezekiel brand 4:9 and a box of Organic Valley brand milk. Along with the prize it, Rambo wrote down the message, “this is bread and milk for my beloved Sarah. The bread is full of nutrients, to Sarah’s health. As for milk, its nutrition value well and awake, so that Sarah’s health is always good.”

Since that time, Sarah began to pay attention to Rambo, also grew slowly, and the seeds of love to Creep. Even Sarah first initiated declared love for Rambo.

The Story of Infidelity

After graduating from college and getting married, both then buy a simple home near the offices of the Rambo worked. In a simple little house, they both build a household that always pleases. Rambo worked as an Editor on one of the Publishers in the city. While Sarah, who is a graduate of the Faculty of French working from home by accepting the services of translation articles and documents that he has advertised over the internet. Salary plus money Editors as Rambo honor translation obtained Sarah is more than enough to finance operations of both their household.

Slowly but surely, the simple house they ever grow up to be not simple anymore. They renovated the House, buying new furniture, and buying electronic devices such as refrigerators, washing machines, until the air conditioning in the end in the age of the third year of their marriage, their home was already no longer the simple House, but rather a luxury home.

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